Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Notre Dame de Paris

Class was an improvement from yesterday simply because I could hear the professor speaking. The new classroom didn’t have the echo that the last one did. The discussions often became too philosophical and theoretical for me – the part of communication I always hated. (One more mention of Karl Marx and I’ll explode.) However, we were able to take the RER to Notre Dame at the end of class, with the intention of climbing the bell tower as an educational excursion. However, at 11:00 the line was about a mile long. We waited in the slightly shorter, faster-moving line to enter the cathedral. We did a brief walk through of the site (something I had done previously in high school but the awe never wears out).

Lunch today was a quick quiche epinard and pain au chocolat. I’ll never tire of the food. I took a long and much needed nap and woke up feeling much more suited for this time zone.

Now, where are these backpacking boys?

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