Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Les Livres et Le Louvre

Today was a busy day. First was a visit to La Bibliotheque Mazarin where we were given a private tour and shown some very old books. We then met at the café near the Louvre, but we weren’t allowed inside because our group was too big (at least that’s what the French waiter told us). We chatted about class topics over a cup of coffee and instead of going to the Louvre as a group as we had planned, us NYU students went with the professors. We were bought a year long pass – a day pass is 9.50 Euro and a year pass is only 15. Strange system. So we bought the year pass, which was a terribly long process with photo ID and all. We then got lunch at a café (courtesy of NYU…or actually courtesy of our activities fee) and ate it outside the Louvre on the fountains. Baguette with Tomate et Mozarella and another pain au chocolat. Mm….

The sun had come out by then so we walked with all of the other tourists in the Tuileries gardens before re-entering the Louvre. We didn’t have much time so we with the Mona Lisa, or “La Jaconde” and the rest of the first floor. Our year pass could let us see other things of interest throughout the next 3 weeks.

A couple of us then split off to go back to the university to print out reading and get student IDs. Depressing. But we managed to find our way back to the residence easily which was comforting.

Tomorrow is class followed by an excursion. Another busy day…

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