Thursday, June 10, 2010

Napoleon et Le Cinema

Today was rainy again. I dreaded going to class but trekked across the city feeling accomplished just for making it there. An extra-long lecture didn’t help the matter but my assignments got reduced from 3 museum reports to 2 so it was worth it. Finally, a realization that the work is way too heavy. Wish it came sooner in the course.

After a trip to the computer lab and a kebab in the park for lunch with my classmate, I met with my TA about my project. I got some good ideas (whew - I might make it to 4,000 words) and then decided to stop at the Invalides to visit Napoleon’s Tomb on the way back. It wasn’t worth the 9 euro but I knew if I didn’t do it I’d regret it. I’ve been talking about going for years; now I can say I was there. I wandered home via metro but while transferring at the Opéra metro stop, I decided to go shoe shopping. Yes, there is a shoe store in the metro – it is Paris, after all. I tried a few pairs, but none of them fit right. I was discouraged I didn’t have appropriate flats to wear in this crazy weather and on these dirty streets, but the fact that the man understood my French had me ecstatic. I even had the confidence that I normally lack in foreign conversation.

Anyway, I eventually made it home and had some leftover Pasta Ponza and listened to music. I even started my reading for next week – how ambitious am I? Then the girls and I went to the movies. Prince of Persia in English with French subtitles – that’s an experience. Although it was slightly predictable with a disappointing ending, I love those types of movies. They remind me why I picked my concentration.

Tomorrow, we visit the Ambassador’s house. Yes, the American Ambassador. My professor got an invite yesterday and the coordinator suggested he bring the whole class. We’ll be viewing a video about the women in Afghanistan, which I actually find fascinating. It amazes me the way people live (or don’t).

I just had some leftover baguette with jam and finished some more homework. What a night. Ok, time for bed.

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